Dear colleagues, partners, stakeholders…

As Mor Group, we have worked with great devotion since the first day of our establishment. And accordingly, we have made a great progress. The sectors where we operate are the locomotive sectors in our country. We have provided added value and employment into these sectors. We have developed rapidly and represented our country in international arena properly. We are very proud of being at the center of the power which is the creator of this value.

Since the day we set off, we aimed the horizon. We have taken the pulse of the days to come, the events that will happen. Years and years ago, we realized that China would be the superpower of the future and we took initiatives accordingly through a visionary perspective. We have attracted the foreign capital to our country and fulfilled our social duty and paved the ways for new investments for our domestic investors. Most importantly, we created job opportunities for our valuable citizens in the lands where we were born.

We have made sustainability one of our indispensable principles. Therefore, we have taken care to make investments to touch people and protect their and other living creatures’ life rights. We have also applied the principle of sustainability in our partnerships. We have accepted everyone we do business with as our friends. We have created the necessary ground for our business partnerships to have a long lifetime. We applied this understanding to our teammates as well. We’ve worked together, we’ve developed together and we’ve grown together. We shoulder responsibility when necessary. When we look back now, we feel the pride of our achievements deep within our hearts. We look to the future and build the tomorrow together through this self-confidence.

While the development speed of the technology is dizzying and bringing the distance right into our hands, we are integrating new business practices into our work at the same pace. In this way, we open new investment fields for ourselves and our stakeholders. Because each and every initiative of great value for us. Through investment consultancy, we all experience the happiness of being with the local and foreign entrepreneurs, providing support and consultancy services for them and being a leader in this field.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all of our friends who have supported us with their energy to the potential we created, who have contributed our works, who have left a mark for each step we have taken and who are deeply devoted to us.

Best regards,

Songül Bayram

President of Board of Directors

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